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Our Partners

Passive Design Solutions

Innovative Earth has recently affiliated with Passive Design Solutions as our designer for our builds. Passive Design Solutions is the first certified passive design firm in Canada with over 10 years of experience. The owner Natalie is the first Certified Passive House Consultant and Certified Passive House Builder in Canada. Their mission is to make sustainable, high-performance homes affordable for everyone. The team at Passive Design Solutions has a depth of knowledge of not only designing homes but also an experience in engineering and construction. We are excited for this affiliate partnership and what they have to offer us at Innovative Earth.

Red Deer College

Innovative Earth Inc. has started collaborating with Red Deer College to help develop and perfect our forming system. This partnership will create more efficient Rammed Earth construction in our future projects.

UBC Okanagan; Engineering Department

We have collaborated with UBC Okanagan and have entered into a university and small business partnership. UBC Okanagan has been diligently working with wood-based fly ash stabilizers to create a lower embodied carbon Rammed Earth product. This will create our Rammed Earth wall system more eco-friendly by using less cement as well as reducing the amount of waste from the landfill. This novel fly ash Rammed Earth mix will be incorporated with as many of our future Rammed Earth projects as possible.

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