innovative earth

Rammed Earth Builders

innovative earth

Rammed Earth Builders

innovative earth

Rammed Earth Builders

innovative earth

Rammed Earth Builders

innovative earth

Modern Rammed Earth Builders

Alberta’s and BC’s Modern
Rammed Earth Builder

Our passion is rammed earth, we also specialize in drywall, home renovations and general construction.

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What is Rammed Earth?

  • The rammed earth building technique uses available materials from the closest quarry such as concrete spec sand and road base gravel.
  • To meet engineering standards, an 8 to 10 percent ratio of portland cement is added to the mix as a stabiliser. Rebar also has to be installed and embedded in the walls for tensile strength.
  • Walls are typically 18″ to 24″ thick

Innovative Earth uses a sandwich type method; with the insulation being sandwiched or embedded within the rammed earth wall. Insulation is installed within the forming system, then the rammed earth mix is poured into the forms. Workers operate pneumatic tampers to tamp down the mix on either side of the insulation. The finished product will look similar to that in most of our photos.

What are the benefits?

Rammed Earth construction is highly valued for its:

  • Appearance
  • Low Environmental Impact
  • Health
  • End Cost
  • Durability
  • Pest Resistance
  • Noise Reduction
  • Fire Resistance

And the list goes on. Not only does Rammed Earth provide the benefits mentioned above, but it is also extremely eco-friendly, sustainable, and an equal, if not a superior product to concrete.

Other Services we Provide

We may be partial to the construction process of rammed earth, however we also offer a variety of other services.

Project Management

Looking for the right manager to get your next Rammed Earth project off the ground and running? We have what it takes to get the job done.


Wanting to build your own rammed earth home or structure? We can help you with the resources you need to get your project done right, the first time.

Community Projects

We believe that being part of the community and raising awareness of eco-friendly options is one of the best ways we can contribute to our local area.



We also offer equipment rental services that you can assist in the process of creating Rammed Earth projects of your own.