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Who we are.

Our story.

Innovative Earth Inc is a stabilized Rammed Earth builder based in Grande Prairie, Alberta and Kelowna, BC.  We have been in operation for over 13 years building many types of Rammed Earth structures. Innovative Earth was founded by Dennis Battig. Dennis had invested in a small property in early 2007 and started researching different types of building methods for a home. His research and training on Rammed Earth proved to him that this was the ultimate building method. Dennis built his home in 2007-2008 by a team of friends and family. Dennis and his significant other Kirsten have been working together since 2016. Kirsten has brought many new opportunities forward for Innovative Earth’s growth since she has joined. Including the incorporation of the novel fly ash mix design and the affiliation with Passive Design Solutions. Kirsten and Dennis believe that housing should be more affordable and held at a higher standard for health and resiliency.

Not only is Rammed Earth efficient and sustainable,
it lasts for generations, it is maintenance free, healthier and more resilient compared to conventional builds.

What makes Innovative Earth different
from its competitors is the custom-built forming system that eliminates excess use of forming materials, plywood lines and cold joint lines. In turn, this gives the product a more aesthetically pleasing look. We strive to use passive solar building designs as this is the most appropriate way of building Rammed Earth homes. We at Innovative Earth believe that there are more cost effective, efficient and environmentally friendly ways to build dwellings.

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